Daniel Hobbs

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Brinson Daniel Hobbs is the president and CEO of Reliable Products and Services. He started the company in 2008 and by the eight-year mark, he had grown the business from $200,000 to more than $5.7 million. The company’s success is in no small part to Daniel’s 28 years of background in executive level sales. His time with companies such as Xerox and Lanier Worldwide make him no stranger to the office equipment and supply industry he supplies. During his sales tenure, Daniel won multiple awards including National Sales Person of the year on three separate occasions. This experience helped him realize the importance of delivering “reliable products and services” to his clients – a sentiment that would become the namesake of his company to be.

Outside of the office, Daniel is an avid golfer, participating in more than 20 charity golf outings per year. He takes any chance he can get to give back, currently working with the Salvation Army on the West side of Cincinnati, as well as devoting his time to the youth in his local community.