Solution Qualifications

Reliable Products and Services operates on a single source philosophy that adapts to its customer base. Our Account Consultants offer you innovative and low cost alternatives that will guarantee your satisfaction. The overall savings delivered smoothly to your desktop, that’s the advantage of RPS. We offer you service, savings and expertise because that is what you require in order to run your business or organization smoothly.

Service Solutions

Customized support from your personal Account Consultant to your live Customer Service Representative, is the only way we operate. Free delivery offered next-day, instant notification on your order processes, and tailored business reviews are just several components of what makes RPS your single source solution for all of your daily business needs.

Ordering Solutions

Our Web sites give you instant access to an extensive range of products for your entire organization. eCommerce offers you features that make ordering easy and gives you maximum control over spending. And remember, you’ll receive next-business-day delivery, FREE. And, no matter your need, we still offer you four ways to order: phone, fax, email and online.

Web site features include:

Easy search and navigation
Order tracking, status and proof of delivery
Saved shopping lists for frequently ordered items
Budget overview
Enhanced search to help you match the right products to your needs
Online catalog
Monthly eSource Reports for eCommerce updates
Company information and contacts

Procurement and administrative controls include:
Approval requirements
Small-order controls
Line-item budgeting


Your vision, Our expertise

From space planning to logistics and installation, our network of local specialists will assist you with every phase of your project to turn your vision into a reality. We utilize the lines we offer and our designers on-hand to find the interior solution that best meets your need and your budget. Your expectations for the end result are also our expectations.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our furniture experts take time to understand your office workflow and make recommendations on space planning, design, installation and product quality. Whether you are searching for the best chair to support your stature or to completely refresh and revitalize your office space, you will be glad you had our help. We will assess your needs and visit your space, plan and design with your supervision, manage the results of the project and we will be available for ongoing service as you need.

World Class Selection

A well-designed workspace can foster productivity and increase morale. Interior Solutions by RPS combines nationwide buying power with local expertise in order to bring you one comprehensive source for all your workspace needs. Global, Alera, HON and more!

Industry-Specific Solutions

From project conception to delivery and installation, our workspace solutions cover every facet of the process. And we know that every business, organization, and facility have unique requirements that are never ignored. We serve industrial plants, law offices, Fortune 500 corporations, school districts and more! After years of service, we know your needs and we can serve them through our first-class lines and industry experts.

Churn Management Solutions

The process of reconfiguring offices in any size company can be complex and time consuming. With most companies now using open space planning in some form, offices tend to be reconfigured and departments moved with far greater regularity than in the past, stretching a company’s internal resources and bloating budgets.

Our “Churn Management” solutions can consist of an either full-time, or part-time, on-site project manager(s) that can handle all the logistics of reconfiguring a department, or closing an office. An on-site project manager frees up your time to focus on myriad other tasks demanding your attention.


High Performance, Low Total Cost

When products perform effectively, you can focus on reducing labor costs and increasing efficiencies. RPS enable your implementation of cost-saving measures through product consolidation while ensuring outstanding product performance. We also offer training programs to increase workforce productivity, saving you the time and resources you would normally have to invest in training.

Industry Leading Manufacturers

As a single source supplier, we offer the best of the best. From paper products to cleaning chemicals and first aid to breakroom supplies, we carry an extensive selection of facility products from all of the brands you trust. These include Georgia Pacific, Kimberly-Clark, 3M, Dixie, Rubbermaid, Gojo and others. We also host our own Private brand, Easy2Clean. Our chemicals stand the test against any in the industry and offer the best savings while you continue to run your organization. Whether it is matting from Andersen or machines from Nobles, RPS has what you need to sustain your facility.

Dedicated Industry Experts

RPS boasts experts with more than 96 years of combined industry experience in facility solutions. We will work closely with you to provide the very best facility program for your business. By working with you every step of the way, we will help you select products and services based on all of your facility needs. Because we know products and maintenance, each expert will work with your account to identify cost savings in labor and product management, develop a plan with your guidance, perform the essential training necessary, and display the reviewable results to show improvement.

Easy implementation and Training

Not sure where to begin? Our solutions are better because we see them through to the end result: your satisfaction. We will work with you to plan in-service days to learn the machines and products we supply. We can help you create custom print documents on how-to use utilize the products you purchase and to pass the information along to your staff.
Is your staff eFriendly? We can produce video tutorials to provide step by step instruction on cleaning procedures along with the recommended tools to use for each task.
Proper cleaning techniques can help to increase worker productivity, ensure a proper and safe usage of products and ultimately lead to a clean and healthy environment.

Online Ordering and Fast Delivery

Our eCommerce solution is your gateway to next-day delivery on all of your facility supplies. We can tailor an eProcurement solution that will help you cut costs even further, plus streamline ordering, increase compliance and save time. And, no matter where your facility is located, we’ll get you the products you need, fast.


Custom Print

When it comes to printing, we can help you improve and streamline your processes and reduce your overall costs, all by leveraging our expertise, technology and consultative approach. Whether you have a long-run print job or a tailored presentation to make, you will recognize results with RPS. Utilizing industry-leading technology, we work with enhanced operational efficiency in order to complete your project quickly and effectively. You will have little worry when you rely on us to have your standout printing needs completed.

Variable Print

Variable-data printing (VDP) (also known as variable-information printing (VIP) or VI) is a form of on-demand printing in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process and using information from a database or external file. For example, a set of personalized letters, each with the same basic layout, can be printed with a different name and address on each letter. Variable data printing is mainly used for direct marketing, customer relationship management, advertising and invoicing on selfmailers, brochures or postcard campaigns.

Restoration Services

Being adequately prepared before disaster strikes directly impacts the speed and efficiency of recovery efforts. When you single source with RPS, you will be advised on a comprehensive plan that will both protect and restore your facility. We will work beside you as a disaster restoration contractor utilizing our extensive experience in all types of catastrophes including water, fire, smoke, structure repair, wind, hail, power failure, foundation, plumbing, roof, electrical, HVAC and flooring. Our excellent communication with our clients and claims adjusters ensure timely, high quality completion of repairs. We always provide accurate, itemized estimates. Digital photos and diagrams are provided for each loss.

Through RPS, you will be reassured through our contractor and support base for problem solving on all and any unusual losses.


Promote with RPS!

From special order items to an entirely managed program with an RPS Specialist, we are dedicated to delivering your brand efficiently and effectively. Our creative experts will find the perfect promotional item to fit your event or organizational marketing need, and our expert decorators will be sure you are satisfied even before your product arrives at your door. As a member of the largest promotional products distributor in North America, we have industry-leading buying power, enabling us to offer you superior products at competitive prices.

Brand Integrity

Protecting your brand image is our number-one priority. And it is achieved through our advanced digital asset management system for brand compliance. With a global sourcing network of audited manufacturers, we implement stringent supply chain controls and follow product testing protocols to deliver safe, compliant products to represent your brand.

Dedicated Creative Experts

Our team of in-house marketing, merchandising and design professionals will work with you to develop the most innovative solutions for your needs. More than just a supplier, we are a manufacturer, direct importer, in-house decorator and contract decorator, providing you with the most sourcing depth to lower your cost and minimize your risk. Leveraging our state-of-the-art fulfillment network, we provide consistent and timely delivery to all your locations, as well as custom packaging solutions. We will send you order quotes adjusted to your specifications and budget requirements, build proofs that accurately showcase your potential order, and we take full responsibility to ensure that your needs are met in your promotional products order. As your consultants, we care for your end result and the appropriate representation of your brand.

Managed Program Leader

Extend your brand reach and achieve your marketing and sales goals with an RPS Promotional Item program. From product quotes to eStores, our dedicated account teams will help you choose the right merchandise and program for your business. By teaming with a single-source provider and taking advantage of our many in-house services, you will have complete control over your costs while consolidating invoicing and securing consistent company-wide pricing for predictable costs.


New ideas, Made easy

Tired of the less-than-fresh office coffee? Now the fresh taste of specialty coffee house coffee can be made for you, right in your office. RPS offers a revolutionary brewing system that brews a fresh cup of coffee every 30 seconds with no measuring, no mess, and little effort. It is the secret to the patented K-Cup®. Inside each K-Cup® is a custom filter and the perfect amount of fresh roasted coffee. There is no fumbling to open packages or used coffee grounds to clean up. No wasted or stale coffee. We offer a steaming hot cup of coffee with a fresh brewed taste like it just came from the coffee house around the corner.

A presentation should include a latte

Enable your guests to feel valued with a Keurig coffee brewing system in your conference room. Your RPS Consultant will work with you to find the model that meets your business needs, as well as the selection that will allow for a cost effective presentation for your guests and even employees. We offer you customized coffee solutions program selections and even in-stock product options like Caribou, Gloria Jean’s, Timothy’s, Green Mountain, Celestial Teas, Emeril’s, revv, Newman’s Own and more.

Understanding needs

During a hectic day at the office, employees can recharge with a quick break for coffee. Let us help you improve their productivity and workplace morale by creating a breakroom where they can feel valued, as you want your customers to feel valued. With our Coffee Solutions, you will find all of your supplies at a cost that is right for your business. To make things even easier, you can add all your coffee supplies to your regular order, streamlining the process and lowering the cost to you.